square tin box with handle lid

A square tin box with a handle lid is a versatile packaging solution that can be used for a variety of products, from food items to small gifts. Here's a detailed description of such a container:


Shape: The box has a square base, which allows for a stable and compact design. This shape is space-efficient and can be easily stacked or arranged on shelves.

Material: Typically made from tinplate or aluminum, these boxes are durable and provide a good barrier against environmental factors that could affect the contents, such as light and moisture.

Handle Lid: One of the distinctive features of this box is the handle lid. This lid is designed with a handle for easy opening and carrying. The handle can be part of the lid's design or attached separately.

Customization: The exterior of the tin box can be customized with various printing techniques to display branding, logos, or decorative designs. This makes the box suitable for both commercial and personal use.

Finishing Options: The surface of the tin can be finished in different ways to enhance its appearance. Common finishes include matte, glossy, metallic, or textured effects.

Sealing: The box and lid are designed to fit together securely to keep the contents fresh and protected. Some boxes may also have a sealing mechanism, such as a gasket or a clip, to ensure an airtight seal.

Interior: Depending on the intended use, the interior of the box may be lined or coated to provide additional protection for the contents.

Size Options: Square tin boxes come in various sizes, allowing them to accommodate different volumes of products.

Eco-Friendliness: Tin and aluminum are recyclable materials, making these boxes an environmentally friendly packaging option.

Usage: These boxes are suitable for a wide range of uses, including:

Food storage and presentation, such as cookies, chocolates, or tea.

Small gift packaging, like jewelry, crafts, or beauty products.

Storage for small items, such as tools, hardware, or office supplies.

Branding: The handle lid design allows for additional branding opportunities on the handle itself, which can be a unique selling point for products.

Production: The production process involves cutting and shaping the metal, applying the chosen finish, printing the custom design, and assembling the box with the handle lid.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs): There may be minimum order quantities required for custom-made tin boxes, depending on the manufacturer.

Storage and Care: Proper storage is important to maintain the quality and appearance of the tin box. It should be kept in a dry place away from extreme temperatures or moisture.

Square tin boxes with handle lids are a practical and stylish packaging option that can add value and appeal to the products they contain. They are particularly useful for products that need to be transported or accessed frequently, thanks to the convenience of the handle.

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